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Universitas magistrorum

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I strongly believe that you only get to know a place, or a person for that matter, after a certain period. With every encounter new facets can be discovered. Sometimes you’re disappointed, other times you feel really connected. What at first glance appeared to be a labyrinth, now makes sense and feels like home.

A home in which you are never alone. You’ve got the lawn mowers, making sure the grass is properly manicured; grass which is never to be stepped upon again. Then there’s the police force, turning the site into their own little shooting range. Of course there has to be a middle aged guy with hands black as coal, without any shoes, inviting you in his new home. Security is always part of the game, but never as a real threat. And last but not least, suddenly you hear the sound of a trumpet. You take a peek out of the window and see a former student playing his farewell salute in front of the gate.

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February 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm

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